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Claros provides the assessments, processes, and training to help your practice grow.

Lower costs

Increase revenue

Smooth workflows

You opened your office to practice medicine, not to manage a business.

Any practice needs to be financially healthy to survive. However, it’s time-consuming enough to see patients. And many physicians don’t have the expertise to manage the business side.

Hiring and retaining employees, developing good workflows, and managing claims… it’s all tiring. Of course, there are financial implications—many practices don’t know how much money they’re losing.

You shouldn’t have to deal with all this alone.

Claros Solutions - Practice Medicine

Claros lets you concentrate on serving your patients.

Know the health of your practice

You care for your patients' health, but do you care for your practice's health? We'll conduct a comprehensive assessment so you will know how well your office is doing.

Eliminate billing and insurance roadblocks

Our team will help improve your front and back-office processes and train your team.

See more patients

With the right systems and processes in place, you'll be able to spend less time on managing your practice and more time seeing patients.

Claros Solutions - We Know How Tough

We know how tough it is to manage a practice.

Before we started Claros, we owned our own urgent care centers. We know it’s very frustrating when you’re just trying to see patients, but having to work through billing and insurance issues so you can get paid. We’ve been in your shoes.

We needed a way to take care of the back-office challenges so we could take care of our patients. We created Claros out of necessity to solve this problem for ourselves. Over time, we started helping other group practices do the same.

Our goal is to get the business behind the practice running smoothly. With over 25 years of experience in medicine and finance, we know both sides of the coin. And we provide a personal touch and accessibility that is unrivaled in our industry.

No matter what kind of practice you run, we have solutions to help you succeed.

Medical Practice Consulting

Our dedicated consulting team can advise you on the most efficient process and practices, from patient scheduling to sending out patient statements.

Practice Back Office Solutions

We can partner with you to provide recruiting and hiring services, front office training, provider credentialing, revenue cycle management, and more.

CFO Strategic Advisory Services

Many practices need access to financing, but they have limited and expensive options. We help with such situations.

Client success stories

Increase in monthly collections (internal medicine group)
0 %
Improved monthly cash flow (gastroenterology group)
0 %
Additional locations opened (orthotics and prosthetics group)

The Claros approach to practice management

We’ll meet with you at your practice to perform a 360-degree assessment (not just RCM), discuss current ongoing challenges, and review your financial data.

After a detailed review, our team will analyze your current scenario and provide you with a proposal to overcome your challenges.

As your consultants, our team will provide ongoing improvement by managing your practice to ensure that you are meeting your financial goals and growing your practice.

The Claros approach to practice management

We’ll meet with you at your practice to perform a 360-degree assessment (not just RCM), uncover any issues, and obtain financial data.

We’ll analyze everything you provided us to identify the main problems and how to overcome them. We’ll then present this in a formal proposal, with no obligation to sign a long-term contract.

If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll start managing your billing cycle and managing all claims. We’ll meet weekly to keep you updated and address other issues as they come up.

Focus on your patients. Let us focus on your business.

Contact Claros today to meet your goals and grow your practice.